Jane is in labor

"Babywatch: A Man's 30 Minute Guide to Having a Baby"
This video has: Helpful DO's & DONT's, Expert medical advice  
Pregnancy game plan, Helpful tips & Info, Role Plays and Common sense rules.

Perinatal Specialist Dr. Dave Miller and Coach Mahoney present an easy to learn program that teaches you what to know and when to know it - when you're expecting a baby. This DVD covers the gamut from morning sickness to lamaze with helpful tips to ensure that your baby's birth goes smoothly. The program is segmented into Trimesters for quick reference to the pregnancy month you need to know about. There are also web links to pregnancy and baby related sites that are helpful before, during and after pregnancy.  
Learning doesn't have to be all serious.  Have fun with the expecting couple John and Jane and learn from Dr. David Miller an expert in child birth and pregnancy.  
Running Time 26:00

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"New Beginnings: How to Enjoy Your Pregnancy"
Features commentary and Advice from John Gray, Ph.D. author of “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus” , Elizabeth Bing Founder of the American Lamaze Method, and childbirth specialist Andrea Frank Henkart author of “Trust Your Body: Trust Your Baby!”

Discovering you're pregnant is an amazing and joyful revelation. But it can also cause anxiety. “New Beginnings: How to Enjoy Your Pregnancy” helps prepare both partners for the emotional and physical demands that await. This video is about understanding our fears and making room in our busy lives for the fun and pleasure of being pregnant. An eye opening experience for every couple with content that brings new understanding to the Male-Female relationship during pregnancy. New Beginnings addresses the challenges that today’s couples experience and offers helpful advice and realistic solutions.
Running Time 30:00
Produced by Robin Bossert & Gail Greenbaum

This video explains:
How men and women deal with pregnancy differently and how they understand and support one another.
How physical changes influence the emotions and how to parlay them into a nurturing experience.
How the shift from being a couple to becoming a family affects each partner and how to comfortably reshape the family unit.

Viewer Testimonials:
"This video not only answers many questions I had, it answers many I should have had “
Beth Corckrell, NY, NY

I wish I’d seen this video before our first pregnancy":
Bob Quintana, La Jolla, CA

“It’s very reassuring to discover that what we are going through is normal”
Sheryl Berkowitz, Boston, MA.

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Bonus Video with Dr. John Gray Babywatch and New Beginnings on DVD!
  I'm Pregnant!
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